HIDDEN.LIVE is a real-time game of discovering secrets hidden in plain sight. It's a global community for people who like to play real-time scavenger hunts in their own neighbourhoods.

HIDDEN.LIVE is not your normal scavenger hunt. Instead you look for secrets hidden by others. It's like "Pokemon Go for Business".

Scroll down for secrets near you.

These hidden objects are permanent things found in your own community. As well, you participate in two ways. You collect the objects by solving simple mysteries and get a chance to win prizes. You create new secrets by identifying new things for others to discover.

Explore your community to uncover hidden secrets and create new ones. Existing secrets have been created by other players and you can create a new secret at any time.

Again, secrets are things that are fixed within your community such as a sign, a mailbox, a statue, a mural, words on a wall. Each secret has a clue, a question and an answer.



Start our web app. It will zoom in on your coordinates and a map will indicate how many unsolved secrets are nearby. You can zoom in and out until count appear with approximate secret locations.

Go forth and play. As you venture out and traverse your neighbourhood, your mobile device will light up with clues. Use the clues to locate each secret.

When you are in the right place, correctly answering a simple question will solve the secret and give you points. A record of what you have uncovered will be kept in your profile, as well as what mysteries you have created.


HIDDEN is a community-oriented game. It depends on all players occassionally adding mysteries for others to solve.

Add your own mysteries and leave a clue for each one. This will challenge other players to find them.

The game grows as players continue to contribute virtual objects hidden in their communities. Adding a secret is a simple two-step process. The app knows where you are so creating the secret requires adding a short question and answer. Adding a new mystery in your area will encourage other players. If you play in your home area, why not add secrets where you work? BTW, you won't get points for solving your own mysteries but your creations will be attributed to you.


The web app displays a map that you use to find target areas to search. To find areas that have secrets, you scroll and zoom the map until at least one secret is revealed. The clues for these secrets will appear. You won't be able to solve the mysteries until you are in their vicinity. Visit the area then use the map for final details before solving.

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We have built HIDDEN as an HTML5 web app so that you need not install a mobile app. This allows HIDDEN to be played on any mobile device, not just Android and iPhone. All you need is a camera phone, a data plan and your location services (GPS) turned on.


We are working on activating HIDDEN worldwide. Right now we are alpha testing in our own "backyard". HIDDEN will be available soon in your community. Sign up now or follow us on Twitter for advance notice.



[Example of Creating a Secret]