Games for your Bus Ride

The Games

Taking a Bus Trip?
Have some fun on your bus on your way to work with a location-sensitive game.
Games are based on What3Words location mapping technology.
Use your mobile device to play the free web apps.
Mobile data and location services are required.

Games so far...
Emoji Scavenger Hunt
Boggle as you Bus
Bus Spots

Emoji Scavenger Hunt
While sitting on your moving bus, three random words and and 16 emojis will appear. Determine which emojis can be formed from letters in those words.
Eliminate all the matching emojis.
Avoid emojis that cannot be formed.
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Bus Spots
Not a typo, spot words found found on signs and landmarks as you travel specific bus routes. As you travel, words will appear on your cell phone. Look out and tap the words you spot. Score points for a chance to win a prize.
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Boggle as you Bus
Find 3-letter words hidden inside other words.
Words are presented as your bus moves along.
Tap one letter from each word.
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26 to Fix
A unique word game in a book. 100 challenges, each with multiple solutions. Fit 26 letters into 26 word fragments. Starts off real easy, tough to complete. Get the book at Bookworms & Co in Aurora and Amazon.
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